Friday, October 2, 2020

We are back again ...... this time in digital


  • Asian DX Review [ADXR] monthly newsletter from Indian DX Club International is back again. After a long gap, we are pleased to release the digital edition of the much popular newsletter.

    When ADXR last rolled out of the press in 1990, DXing was different. There was no internet. We had to eagerly wait for the DX program like DX Jukebox (later renamed Media Network) from Radio Nederland and other DX program to copy down the tips for DX hunting. Once in a week we would get the sunspot numbers. DX magazine like our ADXR reached people by post. Digital Frequency Readout receivers were already there but they were beyond the reach of the average listener. There were no mobile phones, no mobile phone towers. During sunspot lows the medium waves were full of Japanese regionals on lucky days. The tropical bands were all full of Indonesians in the evening, Africans appeared late evening and night and then the Latins in the early Indian morning. The reception reports were still sent by mail and often with IRCs to facilitate a qsl card. QSL card arrived by post, often with pennant and other goodies like exciting stamps. DXers met in persons over small group gathering, through the land line and through the bulletins.

    Then there was a hiatus of thirty years during which period DXers did go on listening, QSLing, face to face meeting, DXpeds and communicating through land phones .The couple of exciting DXpeditions along Bay of Bengal did keep us enthused about DXing. Then came the internet. It developed slowly but steadily and changed the very face of DXing. DXing was gently turned upside down.

    Where does ADXR digital fit in? It now comes with our own flavor of DX reporting, our small contribution to keep the spirit of DXing alive and to give you a feel of the man between the radios and the signals. We are here to give a life to those frequency lists and schedules and encourage others to speak. Our aim is to keep DX alive and speaking.

    Indian DX Club International (IDXCI) is an informal association of DXers mainly from India. Head Quartered in Kolkata, India, the Club brings out the “Asian DX Review” DX bulletin which is presently an online publication and is distributed free. It has also been active in organizing DXpeditions and promoting the hobby of radio DXing in general.

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    Radio enthusiasts are can send in their logging, feedback, reports, etc to by 25th of every month.

    Indian DX Club International, GPO Box 646, Kolkata 700001, India.

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