Sunday, November 10, 2013


Mr Thinley Dorji, the Trasmission Head of BBS Bhutan was in Kolkata lately. He intimated that they are running the DRM capable 100 kW Thomcast transmitter of 2007. This transmitter is unstable and is causing mismatch. The old 50 kw Harris transmitter is still there but since it runs on tubes, the availability of tubes have become difficult and expensive. 

They are using an omni directional dipole. This new antenna system was fabricated by engineers of BBS Thimphu in 2007. The engineers are quite happy with this new antenna system. Cochannel interference from Chinese and at times from AIR is a problem. However, there is always a struggle with the antenna.

The studios are located away from the transmitter site and uses the Fiberoptic link, STL link and the satellite link. With the links of Bhutan Telecom, BBS can connect to all the districts in Bhutan.

Bhutan has a very robust FM broadcasting network. There are more than 30 FM stations . Each station has an antenna which is connected to two transmitters by multiplexing. The FM frequencies have fixed pairing 88.1 Mhz and 90 Mhz, 92 Mhz and 93 Mhz, 96 Mhz and 98 Mhz, like that. 

Mr Thinley Dorji has grown with his orgasnization - the BBS. Today he heads the transmission department and is a motivated and dedicated person.

The Germany is the country from where most reception reports are received. The listeners from Finland and Japan also send reception reports. 

Mr Thinley Dorji was interviewd at Kolkata by Dr. Supratik Sanatani and Babul Gupta. Sudipta Ghose, took the photos.

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